2000 Series Condenser

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The Lintern 2000 Series is engineered to utilize the right environmentally acceptable refrigerants and lubricants for your application. The 2000 Series condenser versatile design allows for applications on cranes, control rooms, operating pulpits and other enclosures to cool and protect personnel and equipment when married with the appropriate evaporator(s) sections.

The 2000 Series is built around a single chassis which enables us to add coils and tailor a compressor to create a system specifically for your unique application. These condensers are designed to deliver 1-1/2 to 5 tons (5.3kW to 17.6kW) of cooling. Designed for applications where ambient operating temperatures range from 80°F (26°C) to 180°F (82°C) and where equipment is exposed to dirty and corrosive environments or high vibration.

Download the 2000 Series Product PDF for more detailed information.

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The 2000 series offers these unique features and benefits:

Heavy-Duty Frame Construction: 11-Gauge steel frame painted epoxy. All welded frame for greater durability and corrosion resistance in industrial environments. Stainless steel frames also available.
Wide Fin Spacing: Condenser coil(s) are 6 fins per inch (4.2 mm) heavy gauge hardened aluminum alloy fins 0.0095 (0.251mm)and copper tubes. Allows for maintenance-free operation in dirty environments.
Independent Condenser Fan Motor: Fan cycling for low ambient operation is optional on some models. Because the condenser fan is separate from the compressor drive, belt access, replacement and tensioning is easier. Independent fan/condenser coil assembly can be mounted remote from the compressor section when space is limited.
Compressor: Bitzer octagon semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor. Very low possibility of leak. Quiet operation. Optional Bitzer open-drive, belt-driven reciprocating compressor. Precision-machined for extremely low vibration and operated at reduced speed to ensure the highest reliability. Used for higher ambient temperatures. Positive oil pressurization pump. Copeland Scroll compressor for R-134a refrigerant.
Refrigerants: Designed for operation with the following environmentally acceptable refrigerants: HCFC-124, HFC-134a.
Capacity: 18,000 – 60,000 BTUH (5.3kW – 17.6kW). Capacity can vary depending on refrigerant type, multiple condenser coils, compressor selection, evaporator selection, blower option and return air temperature.
Dimensions: 23.00" [584mm] (W) X 44.00" [1118mm] (L) x 52.00" [1321mm] (H).
Power Supply: 230/460/3/60 VAC, 380-415/3/50 VAC, 240 VDC Other voltages available also.