931SE Evaporator

The 931SE slim-line evaporator series requires minimum space and has been designed to be compatible with several different Lintern industrial condenser sections. Built to withstand high vibration and corrosive atmospheres, the 931SE also operates efficiently under heavy dirt loading conditions.

Recommended for use in applications such as coke plants, pickling lines and salt water areas, or any hot, dirty and corrosive plant installation. They are sturdy, compact and lightweight. Ideal for either stationary or mobile applications where high performance is required but cab or enclosure space in minimal. The advanced 931SE design offers the lowest sound power levels in the industry.

Download the 931SE Evaporator Product PDF for more detailed information.

The 931SE offers these unique features and benefits:

Wide Fin Spacing: Evaporator coil is 8 fins per inch (3.2mm). Heavy gauge aluminum alloy fins 0.0095 (0.251mm). This allows for maintenance-free operation in dirty environments.
Corrosion Protection: Epoxy painted frame with 304 stainless steel drain pan with epoxy coated evaporator coil as a standard. For high corrosion resistance in a variety of industrial environments, embossed 304 stainless steel frame is available.
Mounting Configuration: Can be installed as a ceiling mount unit or as a wall mounted unit. No configuration adjustments needed.
Refrigerants: Designed for
operation with the following environmentally acceptable refrigerants: HCFC-124, HFC-134a, and HCFC-401A (MP-39).
Capacity: 8,000 – 29,000 BTUH (2.3kW – 8.5kW) with 80°F (27°C) dry bulb and 50% R.H. Evaporator capacity can vary depending on refrigerant type, condenser selection, blower option and return air temperature.
Dimensions: 26.00" [660mm] (W) X 11.125" [283mm] (D) X 35.50" [889mm] (H).
Power Supply: 230/460/3/60 VAC, 380-415/3/50 VAC, 240 VDC Other voltages available also.