Lintern equipment is designed to meet stringent operating criteria developed in conjunction with the customer’s severe-duty requirements and specification standards. Each application receives a comprehensive engineering review before equipment is selected or recommended.

Lintern Equipment

  • Utilizes a proprietary Lintern Load Questionnaire and formula to ensure exact equipment selection and application by Lintern engineers.
  • Operates in ambient temperatures of 80°F – 160°F (26°C – 71°C). For ambient temperatures exceeding 160°F (71°C) please contact the factory.
  • Operates in conditions where corrosion, dirt and high vibration require severe-duty equipment.
  • Customer-driven equipment design.
  • Design parameters developed through empirical testing in Lintern Psychrometric Laboratory.


Lintern equipment uses environmentally-acceptable refrigerants that comply with the Montreal Protocol, Title VI of the United States Clean Air Act, and United States EPA regulations.

Refrigerants used in Lintern Products:

  • HCFC-124
  • HCFC-401A (MP-39)
  • HFC-134a
  • HFC-407C

Capacity Comparisons

Some manufacturers rely upon formulas to determine theoretical operating capacities.

What one manufacturer represents as 14 kW/48,000 BTUH, may be equivalent to another manufacturer’s 7kW/24,000 BTUH.

Lintern Corporation utilizes the industry’s most sophisticated psychrometric testing lab to assure accurate operating capacities.

Evaluating different manufacturers’ equipment can be complicated and confusing. But you can rely upon Lintern design, testing and application engineering experience to help you specify the right equipment for you unique situation.