900X-1 GLOWLITE: The 900X-1 meets OSHA safety color code for marking physical hazards. The top and lens rings assembly is made of lightweight, pressure cast aluminum. Heavy duty prismatic glass lens reinforced with ribbing inside and out for extra strength, provides maximum signal effect in all directions. The receptacle focuses lamp center with prism to increase signaling efficiency. The 900X-1 accommodates lamps up to 100 watt A-19 bulb (not furnished). The receptacle is suitable for use up to 250V AC or DC. Wide wiring clearances make installation easy and prevents exposed leads from touching top of casting.

The 900X-1 accommodates 3/4″ conduit for vertical, right angle or straight through wiring. Screw in plugs in unused tapped openings. Captive neoprene “C” gasket seals top to lens ring assembly to make light water resistant and dust resistant. Unique snap-clamp and safety chain arrangement make lamp changes safe and easy. Weight 4 lbs. (2 kg). Some assembly required.

Options: Solid state flasher available. (Part No. 140455)
Colors: Red, Green, Amber, Clear, Blue, Magenta

LENS GUARD: Chrome plated the lens guard can be used as an option which protects the lens from damage yet allows maximum signal visibility.

DUAL SIGNALS: The 910EM-1 is a weather resistant, dust resistant, dual signal light with a heavy steel mounting bracket; 3/4″ conduit connections on each section simplify mounting and wiring. Its unique snap clamp and safety chain arrangement make lamp changes safe and easy. The lens ring and top assembly is made of light weight, pressure cast aluminum. Its receptacles are suitable for up to 250v AC or DC, accommodating up to 100 watt, A-19 bulb. (Not furnished).

MULTIPLE SIGNAL LIGHTS: The A900-1 is a single light with a mounting bracket that can be assembled in a series up to 6 lights. 3/4″ conduit piping connects the lights together with each light receiving a heavy steel bracket support.

MT-SHOCK ABSORBER: Extends bulb life up to 8 times. Shock dampening fixture provides cushioned support for standard lamps installed in manufacturing locations. The MT-Shock Absorber protects bulbs from vibration. It attaches to standard 3/4″ threaded conduit to fixtures weighing up to 26 lbs. (12kg). The MT-Shock Absorber is contained in a cast aluminum all weather case which is suitable for inside or outside service in all kinds of atmospheres.

Download the Glowlight Product PDF for more detailed information.

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