Lintern Super Duty

The Super Duty air conditioning solution fills the void between off-the-shelf air conditioning units and Lintern’s line of heavy duty products.

Before the Super Duty, customers had a choice of purchasing off-the-shelf units they knew would need to be replaced frequently, or make a large investment in Lintern’s heavy duty products. The Super Duty unit is designed for applications where price, dependability and longevity make it the intelligent choice. The Super Duty is ideal for port crane operations, overhead traveling cranes, electrical pulpits, mobile equipment and other applications where vibration, corrosion and high ambient temperatures quickly destroy conventional air conditioning.

The Lintern Super Duty air conditioner is a split-type air conditioning solution comprised of a condenser unit, evaporator unit and a flexible connection kit. Installation is quick and easy.

Download the SUPER DUTY Series Product PDF for more detailed information.

Affordable – Dependable – Serviceable




The Condenser

The SUPER DUTY Condenser features and benefits:

Total Cooling Capacity: 20,000 BTUH (5.9 kW)
Operating Range: 70o F (21o C) – 135o F (57o C) ambient air temperature
Welded Frame Construction: Welded, heavy duty gauge steel frame. Condenser polyester powder coated.
Weight: Condenser weight is 243 lbs (110 kg).
Condenser Coil: Aluminum tube and fin microchannel construction.
14 fis per inch (1.8 mm)
Fully ElectroFin® E-Coated
Refrigerant: R-134a
Motor: Condenser Fan: motorized axial fan, 18″ (457 mm) diameter
Coated aluminum blades
Voltages: Most 3 phase industrial voltages 50/60 Hz 208-230/1/60 Hz & 220-240/1/50 Hz

The Evaporator

348 condenser

The SUPER DUTY Evaporator features and benefits:

Mounting: Ceiling mount or wall mount
Welded Frame Construction: Welded, heavy duty gauge steel frame. Evaporator polyester powder coated.
Refrigerant Flow Control: Balance port thermostatic expansion valve.
Heater: 4 kW Electric heat (optional).
Mechanical Air Filter: Polyester fiber cleanable filter
Weight: 152 lbs. (64 kg)
Evaporator Coil: Aluminum tube construction
12 fins per inch (2.1 mm)
Fully ElectroFin® E-Coated
Air Flow: 430 CFM/1140 RPM (60 Hz)
345 CFM/1450 RPM (50 Hz)
Thermostat: Electronic NEMA type 4X with LCD display screen.
Mounted in evaporator frame with Fan-Off-Auto Rocker mode switch.