Thank you for your interest in Lintern Corporation’s Training Program.

We are pleased to provide you with information regarding Lintern Corporation’s Air Conditioning & Pressurization training program.

We offer an extensive program at our facility for technical & hands-on training in the manufacture, application, and maintenance of Lintern Heavy, Severe & Extreme-Duty Industrial AC and filtration equipment.

Our professional personnel have many years experience and technical expertise serving the primary metals industry. We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge and answer any questions you may have about the Lintern product line.

The fee for this program is $500.00 per person and the training typically lasts 2 days depending on the amount of instruction requested. Attendees are expected to have basic HVAC skills and training. Upon conclusion of the course each attendee will receive a certificate of completion.

Other than the obvious benefit of continuing education, Lintern also offers an extended warranty on new equipment Installed and Started by Lintern Certified individuals providing that the remainder of the warranty criteria has been satisfied.

Our Corporate Guest House located next to our plant and office is available for guests from out of town. There we can accommodate room and board for up to 5 individuals at no extra charge.

Please review the information below and don’t hesitate to contact us should you require additional information or wish to schedule a course.  EMAIL

2019 Schedule

  • March 20th & 21st (only a couple seats left)
  • April 16th & 17th
  • May 22nd & 23rd
  • June 12th & 13th

If these dates do not fit into your schedule, please call to set up a private class!

Below is a list of topics which will be covered.

Hands on instruction:

      • Installation
        • Equipment placement
        • Line set routing
        • Line termination
        • Condensate removal
        • Leak Detection methods
        • Evacuation Procedures
        • Refrigerant charging methods
        • Liquid charging into receiver
        • Suction charging vapor
      • Start-up procedures
        • Testing
        • Settings
        • Rotation
        • Precautions
      • Pressure Switch settings
        • Dual pressure switch
        • Oil failure switch
        • Fan cycling switch
        • Compressor capacity control switch
      • Compressor
        • Valve Plate test procedure
        • Lubricant change
        • Operation and Repair
        • Burnout cleanup procedure
        • Acid testing
      • Pump Down and Recovery methods
        • Component replacement
        • Filter dryer replacement
      • Preventative maintenance
        • Scheduling
        • Filter replacement
        • Belts
        • Superheat
        • Electrical inspection
        • Control Settings
        • Troubleshooting


      • Cooling and Heating load calculations
        • Completing a load sheet
      • Mounting configurations
      • Equipment selection
      • Replacement parts sheets
      • Air Quality
      • Including an LIC-250 demonstration
      • Retrofit kits
        • Compressors
        • Coils
        • Motors
        • Ambient controls
      • VFD and Digital Controls
        • AC/DC conversion
        • Filtration applications
        • Low ambient control


    • Lintern component and design criteria
      • Temperature
      • Dust and debris
      • Corrosion
    • Alternative refrigerants
      • HCFC
      • HFC
    • Lubricants
      • Alkyl Benzene
      • Polyol Ester
    • Coil design
    • Laboratory and Testing procedures
    • Wiring Diagrams and Controls