The Economizer

As the name suggests, the Economizer is a low profile, high capacity evaporator designed for ceiling mounting in electrical enclosures, rooms or containers.

The Economizer evaporator section is an industrial heavy duty unit designed to maintain the inside temperature point of an electrical room from 72°F (22°C) to 90° (32°C) when matched with one of Lintern’s industrial condenser sections. This advanced heavy duty design is built to withstand vibration, corrosion and operate efficiently under dirt loading conditions.

Its construction is rigidly welded and fabricated of #16 gauge 0.060″ (1.52 mm), epoxy coated steel, with stainless steel drip pan. The evaporator cabinet is fully insulated with closed cell neoprene insulation.

Download the Economizer Product PDF for more detailed information.

The Economizer offers these unique features and benefits:

Wide Fin Spacing: Evaporator coil is 8 fins per inch (3.2mm). Heavy gauge aluminum alloy fins 0.0095 (0.241mm). This allows for maintenance-free operation in dirty environments.
Corrosion Protection: Epoxy painted frame with 304 stainless steel drain pan with anti-slosh baffles and a 3/4″ FPT (19mm) drain port connection. Epoxy coated evaporator coil as standard.
Mounting Configuration: Designed as an indoor, ceiling mounted unit, specifically designed for electrical room cooling.
Refrigerants: Designed for operation with the following environmentally acceptable refrigerant: HFC-134a.
Capacity: 45,000 BTUH (13.2kW) @ 45oF (7.2oC) evp. temp/110oF (43.3oC) liq. temp, 60HZ. Evaporator capacity can vary depending on refrigerant type, condenser selection, blower option and return air temperature.
Dimensions: 59″ [1499mm] (W) X 19.7″ [501mm] (D) X 12.4″ [314mm] (H).
Power Supply: 230, 460/3/60 VAC, 220, 380-415/3/50 VAC, Supports DC-VFD power option for 240 VDC. Other voltages available also.