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Flexible Air Conditioner Condensers for Your Cooling Needs

Since 1940, Lintern Corporation has been designing and supporting a full range of severe-duty air conditioning solutions for industries around the world. Throughout our extensive history, we’ve been proud to help companies make their working environments more manageable for their employees as well as make them safer for their equipment. Along with our self-contained AC units, evaporators, and other solutions, our full line of air conditioner condensers is another option to help you achieve your goals for your working environment.

From manufacturing and other production environments to mining and offshore industries, harsh conditions can make work unbearable for your employees. That, and corrosive elements, high humidity, dust and dirt, and other environmental challenges can quickly pose a threat to your equipment. Our condensers offer the flexibility and customization to help you overcome these environmental difficulties as part of a complete cooling solution.

Explore our air conditioner condenser products below to learn more about their custom-engineered design, advanced features, and industrial applications. If you have any questions about or would like to discuss your specific environmental or application challenges with one of our team members, don’t hesitate to reach out.